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We build innovators not Leaders

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

We at Jcommerce builds business innovators and not leaders. In Global market we have lot of professional leaders ready for the positions. It’s really important to focus on building business innovators now. Innovations, Ideas and Strategy are the key to every business we deal with.

Many businesses have failed due to the bad strategic approach and I witness many local businesses with less investment from the scratch always wins.

In business there is no rich or poor, it’s all about the marketing strategy and ideas. At the start of every business, you expect one rupee investment and two rupees returns.

Every small-scale business people live in our town in default have a Marketing mind and their brain works like artificial intelligence. They have knowledge but don’t find either time or have a social platform to share their success stories.

In Madurai, Tamilnadu, I witness many wakes up early at 3 AM and gets busy opening their shops to kickstart to sell their first tea. That’s the business intelligence, if you need money you will have to find your own way. Where there is a will there is always a way. While others who opens their shops from 7 am to 7 PM sells less and makes less profit compared to those early morning sellers. The extra 4 hours of work spent at early morning is their business strategy and selling 100 tea more is the ROI.

We Jcommerce evaluates the above tea business in a different approach, its not about working extra time to earn extra money, but what matters is the quality. First, we evaluate the “quality of tea” they sell. If the quality is bad no matter what time they open or close. If the quality is good, they wins in every circumstance. Every time quality of the product matters and that makes their business unique. If someone sells tea during evening hours (4 pm to 7pm) with different aroma (Chukku Kappi, Herbal Coffee, Ginger flavored tea, Cardamom flavored tea) and other unique tea recipes he makes more business than who sells the same flavoured tea throughout the day. Marketing strategy and Idea are the key combo to success more than working harder with less return.

Shop our unique Aroma of Tea and Coffee @ We offer wide variety of coffee and tea from our plants in Munnar, Kerala.

Your health and business should go in sync. Losing your health to make money won’t make any sense at all. At the end of the day, you need quality time to spend with your loved ones and be happy. Our Goal is to make your lives better!

We J Innovators team focus on entrepreneurs who has the skill to win business for us and you are invited to our digital platforms.

In Jcommerce, every local business matters, for there will be always something to learn from them. Our journey continues to gain knowledge from exploring different cultures.

Let's build the "chain of small-scale business"

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