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Musical Pattern – 1990’s to 2000’s

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Note: This blog is based on my own personal life experience and I don’t recommend similar thought patterns to those who reads the blog.

Whenever Life pulls me down, I always spends my time to listen to songs and I realized from childhood itself that good music heals your pain and brings you back to normal.

Depression changes your various thought patterns. Every individual goes through a stage of struggles, hardships and failures at some point in their life. And some recover themselves as soon as they are mentally strong, while some falls into it and never tries to get back to their spirit to fight again.

"My Dad used to tell me that I used to nod my head , move my hands and legs while listening to the Legend Michael Jackson and they named me Jackson."

Your thought pattern always depends on what you focus more, and this pattern has to be in a disciplined way from your childhood. I lived in my own imaginary world from childhood and I lost my interest to go to school. Mostly the back benchers live in their dream world and won’t listen to the teacher’s boring lectures. When My Final Year School Exam’s results came, everyone in my FAMILY were shocked. “FAILED” that term never surprised me because I knew that I am not good at byhearting and mugging up my lessons. I really feared EXAM those days because I knew I will surely “FAIL”. When you fails consistently, you lose interest in studies and you starts focusing on something new based on your interest. And I cleverly choose MUSIC!

“And in early 90’s I started to buy and record audio cassettes from my favorite lists. Alisha Chinai, Baba Sehgal and Apache Indian were my favorite collections those times. I still remember that the first Cassette I brought was worth 20 RS/”.

It was in 1992, I listened to a song from all time blockbuster Tamil movie Roja from one of the recording shops nearby. The music felt really fresh! Very soon I recorded all soundtracks from the same movie for 7 RS/. And I got to know about AR's first and the last composition album from the Malayalam movie Yodha.

I felt like AR Rahman Music was something special. You might feel some of his songs from his track list at the launch might not seem great but will become his best songs after listening to it repeatedly. That’s the Musical Algorithm of AR Rahman. In 5 tracks, one song will be always in my repeat mode for a long time. Roja, Gentleman, Bombay, Thiruda Thiruda, Kadhalan and Kadhal Desham were his all-time best during 90’s.

I was always keen on AR RAHMAN’s album launch. Either I will be the first to grab or to record from the nearby cassette shops. I started to focus on buying more cassettes on my own and had a shelf full of cassettes and afterwards came the launch of much awaited Tamil Movie Gentleman.

Chikku Bukku Railey was on my repeat mode from the start till the end of the day…Baggy and Jeans were the fashion trends those days.....

My interest to listen to Tamil songs also grew as the years pass by…

I kept losing my school days and my love with music has become really crazy. I realized Music heals you from depression faster unlike any medicine. MUSIC is the MEDICINE to our SOUL. Yayyy... I invented the real pain killer.

In the year 1994 MTV started playing my favorite songs. Those 2-hours watching MTV music on DD national were a real stress reliever in between my home work and exams. I spend my major time listening to Music and collecting huge amounts of audio cassettes was my favorite hobby those days.

My family lost hope in me and they decided to send me to Job after my schooling. I was also not interested to continue my higher studies further. And that’s the Year Kadhal Desham album got released. Kalloori Salai song was the first rock song in college ambience. And those Visuals made me dream my own College Life… I slowly started to focus on my studies, that track was a turning point in my education life.

And finally, after facing a lot of struggle I passed “SSLC” and I got my admission at ST.XAVIERS College in community quota. Thanks to everyone who put their valuable efforts to enroll me.

I started to focus more on my studies from my College Days onwards. I realized Whatever you focus more, that REFLECTS. Yes, that was TRUE in my case. I stopped listening to Lyrics and focused more on my studies, While THE MUSIC was Still ON,I grasped more on my studies. This MUSIC Pattern finally worked wonders for me.

But in real life the College days were not like what I saw in Kadhal Desham visuals, it was more like an Action-Packed Romance Mixed Movie. And my dear friends helped me a lot to achieve my GOAL.

Politics, Friendships, and My Loved ones during my college days played an important part in my Success.

My education curve was growing upward and I made sure it doesn’t come down! During my 5 years of College Life I had a lot of Fun and Entertainment with my best friends. Even today I cherish those sweet memories.

Musical Pattern – Chennai Days! – Part 2 to be continued... Thanks for Reading!

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