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Shop Secure with Razorpay

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Before you shop anything online using your credit/debit card from a website make sure it does have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed at least. You'll know if the site has SSL because the URL for the site will start with HTTPS—instead of just HTTP. We at JCommerce follow all the digital ethics to ensure your shopping and payment is processed through a secure channel.

When I decided to build an ecommerce site, I was a bit confused to choose the best payment gateway. In this digital era shopping online via trusted sites are a little tricky, I have seen many fake sites selling the products which are not the exact ones you see in the product gallery. It’s become really important for the Payment Gateway companies to validate the fake sites and disable the payment modes to stop the frauds from selling fake products.

Our e-commerce design and architect were quick but the decision to choose the payment gateway was a bit time consuming. When building an ecommerce site our first strategy was to build a trust between Vendors and Consumers. The term TRUST has everything in it. And building the base for ecommerce on that term was the most challenging phase.

More than reading reviews and articles, I believe in both mouth publicity and reference. After many discussions with my business and IT partners I came to the conclusion to choose Razorpay as the first choice to integrate.

The process was quite easy, I created a Razorpay account with all our company documents attached in their dashboard and have requested for API for the Dravidamala website integration. There came the guidelines for the payment integration for development stage, they look the website with all the legal documents for payment conditions and online purchase terms. Our Legal partners were professionals in assisting and have provided all the terms that we required for the payment approvals.

“It was totally a free service and the assistance from Razorpay was a pure bliss for the start-ups.”

Our IT partners coordinated well with Razorpay support team and got the API integration done for Dravidamala in a timely manner. Once the development stage was done, we requested the Razorpay to approve the payment gateway for Production to make our website to go live. The process took around 3- 5 business days for the Razorpay to validate our website and legal terms for the final approval.

I am really happy with the entire Razorpay’s integration process, this is the validation check I have pointed out at the start of the blog. Shop Securely via

And finally, got live on June 2nd 2021 on my Mom’s Birthday. What else do I need on this special day! Our official launch will be on August 10th 2021!

Dravidamala is on air now with secure payment gateway mode. Our business starts with 0 balance in account and I wish we will have a success story soon to share with everyone to whom we associate with.

We JCommerce have more upcoming ecommerce sites and we will keep you updated through our blogs. Cheers!

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