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In the 1990's we used to hurry to neighbour’s home to have Onam Sadya(lunch) with a wide assortment of side dishes, zesty dishes, delightful desserts felt like paradise. A nap after the heavy lunch was extraordinary and the evenings will be again back with Kerala chips and a wide variety of Kerala snacks from Sharkaravaratty to Achappam.

During ONAM there will be a family get together and everybody will cook their unique dishes. Mostly Onam Sadhya comprises around 18 - 24 yummy and mouth-watering varieties of side dishes. After the Sadhya ONAM game starts, there will be many fun filled games for entertainment. Local Youths and the spectators will have a good time at their nearby sports club for the entire Onam Season.

In our present time 2021, today’s youngsters are more reliant upon Instant Onam Kits and most of them depends on food delivery platforms. Fun filled Onam games has disappeared even from our villages. People are attached to their smart phones, tablets and laptops.

People are engaged in their business, work from home and they usually spent their leisure time in their favourite social forums. It is useful to get the latest updates and worldwide news around us. We could also connect with far off Friends and Family through social networks.

We JCommerce were busy during the Covid times developing business platforms to build entrepreneurs. We wish people spent more time on business platforms to earn money and invest less time on social media platforms.

Dravidamala is an initiative where we provide opportunities to the home culinary specialists and mould them as entrepreneurs. The cooking skill is a gift and not everyone is blessed with that magic. Patience makes you a culinary expert and virtue in heart adds more taste to your dishes. If you have these qualities then you can load your food with a creative design and sell through our online shopping site.

ThaniRuchi is a new brand we recently associate with; The business is run now locally by a women entrepreneur Geetha M from Trivandrum locality and the quality of their products deserves a thumbs-up. We as a team promote women entrepreneurs to showcase their cooking skills and will provide a free storage in cloud to sell their products.

We believe quality products needs good branding, we Jcommerce helps the entrepreneurs create impressive logo and website to build an Identity first before digital promotion.

Take a look @ to know more about their yummy food products and will be available soon in Dravidmala stores.

We Jcommerce are busy developing several marketing platform to promote and brand the quality products. If you find any good quality products , please WhatsApp us : +91 7034880007

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