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Digital Sense

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Who is your enemy? It's an insane inquiry that comes from those around the digital World today. In 1980’s and 1990’s there were face to face interaction with people in our society. The landline and govt postal administrations were the solitary choices to interface with far off individuals.

I personally believe in those days we got a superpower sense within us to sort out our companions and our enemies. Our character and attitude should be in a state of harmony with those we converse with, whoever coordinates with us will be our soul mates and others our dislikes.

Likewise, we got many living patterns within us through which we could recognize the people whom we interact with. I too got many friends as well as enemies throughout my life. Keep in mind, your attitude towards whom you collaborate with truly matters.

It's a Nature given Intelligence by default in us to manage people around you in an agreeable way. Your terrible mentality ruins the relationship. In person conversation creates an uplifting tone which was significant those days or you might go aggressive . Those memories cherished will never be neglected.

We have seen digitalization kickstarted in the year 2000’s. We started to become familiar and created our first email Id’s and installed the chat messengers provided by Yahoo.

As many years passed by, finally we reached 2021 we have witnessed major digital change everywhere, human-human interaction become rare nowadays as people spent their major time with smartphones and other electronic gadgets.

Today Robotics got implemented and Artificial intelligence rules the World. Cyber attackers are many these days. It’s difficult for us to know who your enemy is in our daily life. Therefore it is crucial to create a digital sense within us to protect ourselves and our business from the hackers or attackers.

Artificial intelligence is one step ahead to protect the IT and Social Media Business from Cyber attackers. Cyber Attackers are the digital enemy nowadays and has to be closely monitored. We Jcommerce gives some basic tips to be aware of the attackers. The challenge nowadays are those attackers who remain hidden in their own world with an agenda to destroy whom they dislike.

Nowadays we have seen a common spam in WhatsApp with amazon logo, all you have to ensure is to notice what the url ends with or the url structure. If it not ends with .com, .in, country specific or any other domain which are not legally provided by the hosting company you should not click it at any cost.

For Domain Awareness, you can refer -> . All you need is a basic knowledge on domains, hosting and about url patterns. This inbuilt digital sense helps not to click on illegal domains or URL’s created for spams.

Below are the domains I brought from GoDaddy for my business. Check the domain patterns from GoDaddy to be aware of it. It’s always safe to upgrade your domain’s basic privacy to ultra-premium to full protection provided by the hosting company. The protection package you choose will have many security benefits for the websites you develop. All our domains are upgraded to ultra-premium ownership protection to provide the user a better experience. The official launch of our products will be announced soon.

Our next awareness ought to be tied in with creating a solid secret password for your email, web-based business and web-based social media accounts. Check the below google article and utilize the example to make a strong password pattern.


Creating an extremely solid secret password is significant to your business as well as to secure your own personal social media accounts.

It is not just about creating strong passwords, but you will have to install antivirus software in your machine for a quick scan to clean up the cookies, cache, browser history, also you should ensure the setting of browser doesn’t have unwanted javascript plugins added. Go to Privacy and Security settings of your browser and ensure you are good to browse your social media sites and business app’s in your daily routine.

I hope you are all set to build a digital sense within you to shield yourself from digital enemies and cyber attackers. You should not entirely depend on AI and Robotics alone but assemble a digital sense within.

We associate with the best IT solution providers and Legal partners to provide all the solutions to tackle the security threat in our Products. Follow Jcommerce to know about the recent technologies ahead. Cheers!

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