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Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Dravidamala is a brand specific to Desi Products and the logo concept came out from the colours of 7 Chakras, I was specific to include all 7 colors based on their significance. The creativity team I associate with is professionally talented and synced with my Imagination. As per my imagination Dravidamala came out well.

The “Chain of Dravidians” is a concept of selling and delivering the finest quality Desi products from South to North India. The Logo is the real game changer of Branding and I am very specific to build creative logos for the new small-scale business that comes in Jcommerce selling platforms.

I know many businesses takes it silly because they focus more on revenue generation than on creativity. Some business will approach advertisement consultancy and will pay to create their logo. Based on their business, consultancy creates their logos. Yes, that too works. It is because the creative professionals make good logo which could be their key in branding. I strongly believe quality products deserves a good logo and branding.

Dravidamala is a brand of Trust between business and consumers. The Logo creates an identity to it. The motto of our Desi concept is to build a chain of small-scale business . I request everyone to shop products from from August 10th. We ensure to provide a helping hand to the start-ups during this pandemic.

“Our Garden is full of beautiful wings that represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. These magnificent wings have short life and it closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation and helps us reminds that our life too is short.”

Aryanmala is a brand built to sell Ayurvedic products with unique features. I am specific to have Butterfly in the logo and suggested my team to create a logo based on it.

No retouch or reworks were required, Our Aryanmala logo came out well at the very first attempt itself with a concept of building “the chain of Aryans” to promote Ayurveda. Our Official launch will be announced soon.

Jcommerce concept came to me after I worked on Dravidamala and Aryanmala projects. The J logo concept strike me after seeing a firefly on my laptop one day when I worked late night. I saw the illumination of fire fly on my drinking glass nearby.

“Firefly is here for inspiration and illumination. Creativity abounds. As you “light up” your attributes with Firefly as a guide, whole new horizons of possibilities begin appearing. Trust in that vision.”

I captured the picture of firefly at that moment and it looked good. I requested my creativity team to create a logo based on the fluorescent shades of Blue and Flame.

“Blue color wipes out negativity and the color Flame represents Aggression”

Finally, after some retouches our logo came out well. We Jcommerce invites small scale business to add their finest products in our selling platforms, we provide a complimentary digital marketing promotion as well to boost various brands.

Let the Logo you create Builds your Brand. Every Logo we Jcommerce creates has a story to tell.

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