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Artificial Versus Human Intelligence

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

I personally believe AI has limitation and is not beyond our thought process. Our thought patterns are linked with life style. It has the ability to even beat the AI.

I will start with a real-time event, there is an underground secret vault locker at Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple, Trivandrum that can be opened only with specific Sound patterns. It reminds us that we had the Technology of Human Intelligence to Unlock with Sound patterns even centuries back. Will our Modern-Day Technology ever grow to that level?

With artificial intelligence It might be easy to hack one’s mind through different algorithm patterns and real-time data analytics approach. But Unlocking the Subconscious mind will never be an easy task. Here privacy is locked with our living pattern in default and it can’t be hacked through technology.

That’s the power of Human Subconscious Mind. Whatever the thought power in your Subconscious Mind materializes. I believe Artificial Intelligence can never beat this pattern and it got limitations. Human Subconscious Mind can never be tampered upon with AI.

Our thought pattern depends mainly on our lifestyle, People choose their life style based on their various interests and hobbies. Some people choose a healthy life style, some choose travelling, some loves music, while some others love photography etc. It all depends on certain ideology they like to live with.

Travelling and Spirituality are two lifestyle patterns where we could think freely out of the box and live stress free. Remember objects are created after we invest our thought process to it. The object-oriented principle is as simple as that, you create objects based on your requirements. Similarly, you live your life based on your own principles.

Travelers are those who reached the conclusion that there is much to learn from Mother Nature. You could manifest anything in life by knowing your inner self. Their Subconscious mind will always be in sync with Nature and it works wonders for them.

The good thing about Photography is, it’s not about the good visuals you capture but every time you click photographs, your thought pattern will have a story to link to it. The intelligence chip integrated with each photograph can be patented in your name.

AI intelligence can’t beat this Visual pattern. It is because if someone is asked to write a story based on photographs, many will have thousands of story versions to tell from their perspective. That’s the power of your Thought pattern and your Subconscious mind. AI got limitation to beat the Visual Patterns in HUMAN.

The Musical Pattern is another Intelligence I have observed, there are some songs which takes you to the past and gives you a nostalgic feel. Our living patterns are linked to this Higher Intelligence in default.

During my school days, I used to listen to many songs repeatedly, which takes me back to my school days. It’s marvelous how fast our mind travels to the past and brings back memories to the Present. Thus, our Imagination pattern works in a fraction of seconds. AI has to go a long way to compete with Human Thought process.

Every Individual has a specific Musical Pattern within. I personally believe we are all born with a Higher Intelligence. The point is that we should learn to nurture it in the right way at the right time.

Today’s AI works at a level that plays with Human Minds using real time data analytics. We at Jcommerce keep learning to take Artificial Intelligence to the Human Subconscious level. Cheers!

Note: The above blog is only based on my perception on AI and I don't either recommend or insist anyone to follow the patterns mentioned.

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