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Here is a cuppa love by Z.A.I

Cuppa love by Zai

"Do come over for a cup of coffee..." I love the instant warmth these simple words bring into life, just like coffee. As much as I cannot deny this invitation, I cannot deny the coffee charm in my life.

Coffee started running in my veins since early childhood when all our weekends were at our hometown. "Zai, kappi kudichal karuthu povuutto [You'll become darker if you drink coffee]". My cousins never left a chance to tease anyone. I hesitantly sipped the black drink. The taste, smell and the fun we had then, was so refreshing. Just like the coffee.

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Years later when Bru was introduced, our mornings became more aromatic and instantly energized. On days when college was dispersed earlier than usual, we would collect all our bare minimum savings to buy 2 coffees and the famous beetroot cutlet [Courtesy: Indian Coffee House]. The coffee would go round the table, so did the laughter. The freshly ground coffee smells heavenly, so are those memories.

Freshly brewed coffee and hot sambar vada always topped the favorite food list from Chennai days. Strong filter coffee is a pure bliss!! The friendship too!!

When me or bro fell sick then, Amma used to run and make chukkukappi. The dash of spice and sweetness that slipped down and immediately relieved sore throat. This flavorful drink is full of nostalgia and goodness of dry ginger. I bet all 80s kids would still have it as the first home remedy for sore throat even now.

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During earlier days of client visits when restaurant menus were too complicated , I accidentally met cold coffee. Like they say, some accidents are beautiful. Revolution of Cafe coffee day and endless hrs on coffee talks continued.

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Espresso, Latte, Cappucino, Americano.. List of varieties and flavor of coffee is endless. Coffee blended so fast in our lives - Ice creams, cakes and my darling Tiramisu.. The twist that the bitterness of coffee adds to the sweetness of home made desserts is exotic.

Coffee is not just coffee anymore. Its about the fun we had, the love we shared, the happiness that went around the table and the memories full of aroma that is added to the sweet and spicy life....

Dear coffee, I love you.

Dear friends, Do come over for a cuppa coffee.

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