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Glow with Saffron

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Ayurveda is one of the interesting areas I would love to explore from my childhood. Our present generation should be aware of the natural healing technique practiced in ancient India.

We have a rich traditional cure for vast majority of diseases through the use of herbal medicines. We JCommerce are keen to digitalize the manuscripts.

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Our old monks / Yogis have discovered that the cure for almost all diseases can be found in mother nature itself. The knowledge they acquired were stored in palm leaves. Many monks / yogis who lived in South India during the 19th / 20th centuries were anonymous in the community. They made huge efforts to document unique formula in various manuscripts for future generations. Their effective herbal products were passed on only to their direct disciples.

We JCommerce is building a platform for Ayurveda, the transparency of the herbal formula is the key to the success of Ayurvedic medicines. People should be aware of the medicinal values of various herbs. Our past generations realized the importance of healing using medicinal herbs.

Aryanmala -the chain of Aryans will be launched soon with lot of innovation. We wish this will become one of the best platforms to promote Ayurveda products.

Here I would like to list few benefits of Saffron based on Ayurvedic reference, Ashtangahridaya the famous Ayurvedic reference text . Saffron is very expensive and mostly found in Kashmir in India.

Our ancestors have used many Ayurvedic ingredients like Saffron, Sandalwood and Sesame oil combo to get youthful even tone skin.

Kumkumadi Oil is a Traditional Ayurvedic Facial Beauty Oil which has saffron as the main ingredient. Kumkumadi Tailam is a saffron based oil that gives a natural glow. The name Kumkumadi comes from the ingredient Saffron also known as Kumkuma in Sanskrit.

Saffron is known for its skin lightening properties. The red strings of Saffron along with various herbs gives a crucial skin complexion-enhancing property.

Kumkumadi Tailam additionally has cancer prevention agent and antibacterial properties that promotes blood flow in skin cells. It is a strong Ayurvedic formula for brilliant, sparkling skin and also used to treat pigmentation, sun tan and age spots on mature skin.

The natural and herbal formula of this facial oil treats the various problems of mature skin like dull spots, wrinkles and pigmentation. It makes imperfections barely visible. Its non-tacky recipe gets absorbed rapidly and conveys a sparkling and radiant skin.

Good quality Kumkumadi tailam is now gaining popularity among many digital marketing companies. The traditional Ayurveda formula has many benefits. Ashtangahridaya advices to apply it daily for an attractive, glowing and even skin tone. At Dravidamala we promote only the best genuine products.

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