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Free cloud storage for Small-Scale Business

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We Jcommerce provide free cloud storage space services and offers free complementary digital marketing for small-scale business. We always offer innovations and creative way to sell the products.

Dravidamala is a digital platform to build entrepreneurs to support their small-scale business in a limited cost with max benefits. Dravidamala is a free signup multivendor ecommerce site for selling Desi Products.

Based on our analytics and chat with our business, we J commerce realized the importance to build a free signup platform to sell and brand their quality products. Our Complimentary digital marketing service for Dravidamala and paid service via TagnSell business network tool will help to boost the brand awareness. Minimal investment and Max profit is the strategy we build for our entrepreneurs.

“In a recent chat with one of the entrepreneurs of Dravidamala who is new to digital platform raised few questions on how digital marketing works. After few mins of discussion, I realized it’s not easy and make them understand of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. I have decided to prepare few slides to make them aware of realistic Social Goals in Digital Metrics Dashboard.”

Yayy, that works!

Competitive analysis and Digital Marketing strategy are the key to success. We Jcommerce set realistic social goal for those people who are new to digital platform. They will not be familiar with terms SEO, SMM, SMO, the realistic social goals and parameters will help them to know what we do in real-time. We Jcommerce will take care of the digital algorithms at the backends and let the entrepreneurs do their business freely.

Log on to now and do your business efficiently with a professional approach.

TagnSell business locator tool will be really a bonus for those small-scale business, the tool has all the features required for various deals and to sell the products. Business locator is of free service and the sign-up approvals will be done by Admin after evaluating location accuracy with the registered business in e-map. TagnSell has a service tab for the business to choose the marketing packages based on their business need. The service feature of all our products are integrated with secured payment dashboard provided by RazorPay.

Dravidamala and TagnSell will be a great innovative combo for those who are new to the digital platform. It has everything you look for.

We business innovators made it so simple!

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