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Updated: Nov 6, 2021

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Organic Cashews

We all have gone through a tough time to realize that building immunity is essential for a healthy life style. I bet those individuals who followed the right diet and exercise maintained their cholesterol and blood pressure levels probably escaped the pandemic.

We are what we eat. Our lifestyle, habits and interactions depends mainly on what we consume on a daily basis. We care for your health with simple tips for a healthy lifestyle. We at Jcommerce are a team of Technical Experts and Ayurvedic doctors to advise you. We will soon launch an Ayurvedic platform to deliver the nature's best Ayurvedic products at your doorsteps.

Cashew nuts are really a sort of seed that comes from cashew apples and are well known for its health benefits and medical advantages. Cashew nuts/seeds are encased in kidney-formed shells encircled by various harmful layers. Crude and raw cashews can be harmful, and they shouldn't be eaten without proper processing and handling. The prepared cashew nuts are well known for its high nutritive value and dietary benefits.

A large portion of the medical advantages associated with them are due to the unsaturated fats contained in them. They are rich in copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and selenium. However, they are nutritious and tasty and offers numerous medical advantages. Cashews are often associated with cardiovascular wellbeing, weight reduction, and lessening cholesterol.

26 grades of cashew nuts are accessible and exported from India. Numerous delivery stations exist from across India to all major ports of the world. Huge amounts of the shipment from India happens through Cochin port.

W180, W320 are the export quality premium cashew nuts exported across the world. At Dravidamala we associate with the best vendors like #elements who sells organic products to serve the finest dry fruits and nuts at your door steps.

India is additionally the biggest region holder of this yield. Development of cashews in India is limited generally to the peninsular regions. It is abundantly found in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra along the west coast and Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal along the east coast. (Source:Internet)

The Kerala State Cashew Development Corporation Limited, a complete government undertaking, was established in July 1969 and started their business in 1971. It assumes an integral part in the cashew business of the world and has created cashew estates in the State. It is a model boss in the cashew business chiefly in light of the fact that it defends the interests of laborers. (Source:Internet)

Cashews contains the vast majority of the minerals which are essential to our body. An ounce of cashews contains 0.6mcg of copper (31% of RDI), 0.5mcg of manganese (23% of RDI), 82mg of magnesium (20% of RDI), and 166mg of phosphorous (17% RDI).

The iron in cashews keeps blood healthy and prevents iron deficiency anemia. An ounce of cashews contains 2 mg of iron, which is 10% of the RDI of iron.

A Harvard research into cashews showed that they contain significant minerals for blood wellbeing. Just as being extraordinary source of iron, they additionally contain minerals like magnesium, calcium, selenium, and zinc. These minerals have all been known to have positive medical advantages.

Note: Traditional Ayurveda Texts claims to have a lot of medical benefits from Cashew seeds to leaves. It's a miracle fruit with a lot of health and medicinal values.

SpiceXNuts is a new brand we introduced to deliver the best export quality sized cashews for affordable price at your door steps.

Daily consumption of 5- 10 good quality cashews helps to build your immunity for sure. Good Luck and Cheers everyone for following a healthy lifestyle from today.

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