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J Commerce Technologies Pvt Ltd is founded and incorporated on the Seventh Day of January 2021 under the companies Act, 2013(18 of 2013).


Jackson Jayson

Founder of J Commerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Digital “X” is the transformation of an entrepreneur to Digital “Entrepreneur”. J Commerce is a virtual hub for the small-scale industry entrepreneurs to brand their business to the next level e business. Technology and Innovations, makes it possible for the small-scale entrepreneurs to sell their products quicker than ever before.
J Commerce brand the entrepreneur a new logo with a trademark registration, brands the products globally and helps them to sell and export their best customer reviewed products. Digitalisation is the way to achieve more profit with less investment in business. Social Networking tools and digital marketing is now the trend to advertise the products which helps them to reach the right audience. J Commerce creates a virtual business hub like email communications, conference calls, zoom chat & Webinar and can connect remotely from anywhere which minimizes the need for office set-up that brings smooth operations with ease of conducting end to end e-businesses.


J Commerce technology makes it possible for firm’s better communication with its entrepreneurs, clients, customers through web sites, blogs, WhatsApp messages & social network platforms which lead to a strong public signature. Smartphones and Technology also brings 24/7 working environment and work from home culture which avoids the need for large office set-up’s and reduces the operational costs. Global marketing network has become easy because of digitalization and makes it possible for the products to reach the entire internet audience all over the world. J Commerce makes the entrepreneur to take wise decisions in difficult situations. Our team takes the responsibility of Analysing the situation and helps the entrepreneurs to sell their products with ease and be profitable. We as a team do the market research and helps them to know the current trends and services which minimises the failures.

J Commerce technology streamlines end to end e-business communication and saves all the historical information which can be analysed later for wise decisions. End to end business communication has become easy in e-business through technology which makes it possible to know their customers better and to take customers feedback and their opinion about their products and services and improvise on that. Product Review is one of the key features in our tools that helps J Commerce to analyse the product quality. The feature helps both consumer and entrepreneurs. We as a team always helps the entrepreneurs to focus on improving the quality of their products and helps them to provide a digital marketing service till, they get a satisfactory feedback from the consumers. J Commerce focus on business innovations and will be an end-to-end business partner for their digital business. Digital X is a digital signature for the entrepreneurs who associate with

“Chase your vision”

What is Digital X?

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